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Letter: Concerns Regarding Council Member Sherri Marsigli’s Behavior
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To the Editor:

I am writing to express my deep disappointment and disgust with Council Member Sherri Marsigli’s recent behavior at the council meeting. As a resident and active community volunteer in our town, I find her actions not only unbecoming of a public servant but also damaging to our community.

Ms. Marsigli’s negative stance towards businesses and downtown development is disheartening. Instead of supporting initiatives to improve our town, she appears to be actively hindering progress. She is a constant underminer needing to realize that there is more need for help than negativity.

Her recent outburst at the council meeting, where she publicly called out a community member who has been instrumental in enhancing our downtown area, is disgraceful. Such behavior undermines the collaborative spirit essential for community growth and development.

Moreover, Ms. Marsigli’s track record of disrespecting our Chamber of Commerce and local businesses at community events is unacceptable. Rather than fostering a supportive environment for community endeavors, she seems intent on creating obstacles for businesses and so on.

It is time for Council Member Marsigli to reflect on her role as a public servant and prioritize the well-being of our community over personal agendas. Instead of prolonging meetings with unnecessary criticisms, she should focus on constructive contributions that benefit us all.


Jaqueline Gomas
Community Volunteer and Parent, Gustine