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Westside gathers to catch eclipse
Eclipse generic

GUSTINE - Lions Park in Gustine became a focal point of celestial wonder on Monday as families, friends, and newcomers converged to witness the awe-inspiring event of a solar eclipse. 

Hosted by the ever-enthusiastic Elizabeth Burns, the event drew a significant crowd eager to experience the cosmic spectacle.

This marks the second time Burns has orchestrated such an event in Gustine, with the first occurring back in 2017. Reflecting on her favorite memories, Burns expressed a deep joy in sharing the moment with loved ones in Gustine, emphasizing the element of surprise in each eclipse and the affirmation of friendship that comes with such gatherings.

“I cherish the moments spent here in Gustine, surrounded by friends and family, eagerly awaiting the mystery of what each eclipse will reveal,” shared Burns.

Burns’ fascination with eclipses extends beyond Gustine, as she recounted two other memorable viewings in the Bay Area, utilizing nothing more than a tin hole and paper to project the eclipse’s image. Such ingenuity and simplicity encapsulate the universal allure of celestial phenomena.

Across America, the eclipse journeyed with a blend of excitement and mystery, captivating onlookers as it cast a shadow over different landscapes. In states like Texas and New Mexico, fortunate observers experienced moments of complete coverage and darkness lasting up to four minutes, while in Gustine, the eclipse presented itself in the form of a mesmerizing crescent moon shape.